Owning an Arbonne Business

Welcome to the Business Opportunity of Your Lifetime and to the Best Products You'll Ever Use. I know the products will improve the quality of your skin and health, but the business can transform your life.

I started my business by working 10-15 hours a week in addition to my more than full-time position running my own business. My old business owned me. I did not own it. I wanted out of the rat race even though I was in my dream profession! I was looking for a smarter way to earn a life not just a living, and I found it and more in Arbonne.

I said no to the Arbonne opportunity twice. The third time I was asked I read what economists and experts say about Arbonne. They strongly recommend it. I still had reservations. I thought "I don't do those kind of things" or "I don't like the thought of selling." Arbonne doesn't feel like any of that. We don't carry an inventory. We don't "sell" to our friends and family. We offer everyone the 20-35% discount off retail and educate them on how to save money on superior products that are pure, safe, and beneficial. It's incredibly fun and fulfilling. We help people live better.

You may be looking for a little extra money or a way to replace a 6-figure income and be home with your family. Arbonne can be your answer for that and more. I love teaching and training people to do what I do and enjoy more life with the ones they love. You are dealing with a company that operates with the highest integrity and offers amazing products. Arbonne is a class act in every way.

Because of Arbonne I was able to retire my mom and help her and my sister with a serious health crisis that left them both unable to work. Arbonne is so incredible and this business model is so smart that my husband Thomas joined my business. He spent two decades building a portfolio of real estate holdings. He was blown away by Arbonne and how it allows you to earn residual income and leverage your time. We've earned so many vacations, been able to participate in the Mercedes Benz cash program, and made so many friends all because of Arbonne.

We are having the time of our lives building a multi-million dollar international business from home. The money is a distant second to the person you become through our leadership program. We know we are becoming the best versions of ourselves and that is profoundly impacting how we raise our two little daughters. Now, we know how to coach people on success and that is priceless when you see it impacting your young children.

This is the Opportunity of a Lifetime

If you are ready to JOIN ARBONNE just click here to get started. If you want to start a business, please feel free to contact me immediately. I would be honored to teach and train you and become your business partner. We want to empower people to transform their lives and make the impact on this world that they wish to make. We love helping people. We thank God every day for this business and the life it allows us to lead...a life of learning, giving, loving, laughing, and growing and becoming more of what He designed us to be.

Blessings to You & Yours,
Cynthia & Thomas Mixon
Independent Consultants
& Regional Vice Presidents

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